Will you be safe from the black fungus attack after taking the COVID-19 vaccine?

Will you be safe from the black fungus attack after taking the COVID-19 vaccine?

What is black fungal disease Will you be safe from the black fungus attack after taking the COVID-19 vaccine?

Coronavirus is now also striking the eyes. Many people affected by COVID-19 are also having eye problems. There have also been many cases where the eyesight of patients infected with black fungus (mucormycosis) has gone away. In some severe cases of Kovid-19, the physician may need to completely remove the eyes of the patients from whom the black fungal disease (mucormycosis disease) has been diagnosed.

According to AIIMS professor Dr. Atul Kumar and former director of Medanta Hospital MC Mishra and Dr. Arivand-

  • There is no association between vaccine taking and black fungus infection. If a person has been vaccinated, they may have a mild COVID infection that will not require steroids. So they are unlikely to have black fungus.
  • In severe cases of COVID-19, when patients are treated for a long time in the ICU, their immunity decreases. Which are quite responsible for the infection of black fungus. For this reason, the medical protocol also includes antifungal treatment in all ICU admitted Kovid-19 patients.
  • COVID-19 causes mucormycosis (black fungus) attacks in patients with diabetes or who have low
  • If someone has a sinus operation, then he also needs to be careful. Steam regularly, so that the sinuses remain open because it is very important for the sinuses to remain open. Otherwise, black fungus infection may occur.
  • Black fungus infection is more common in Kovid-19 patients, mainly because a patient has diabetes, or has been taking antibiotics for a long time, or has received oxygen treatment for a long time. They may have black fungus.
  • An overdose of steroids can also be a cause of black fungus infection. Steroids should be used in patients with Kovid-19 who have low / labeled oxygen-breathing problems.
  • If a person has a fever, nasal congestion, eye pain, and headache, fungal infection should be checked immediately. If this fungus reaches the brain then it becomes very fatal.

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