10 Best Air Purifier Plants 

10 Best Air Purifier Plants 

In today’s changing environment, the population is increasing wildly all over the world. Day by day industries, businesses are increasing, urbanization is increasing. Air pollution is increasing day by day due to the smoke coming out of motor vehicles and factories tomorrow. The problem of global warming is increasing. When we go out of the house, there is polluted air around us at many places, due to which we experience suffocation and through the breath, the impure air enters the body and depletes our vitality and causes various types of serious diseases. is. In such a situation, if you wish, by planting some natural air purifier plants which purify the surrounding air by purifying the surrounding air, take health benefits by purifying the air inside and around the house. can. Through the presented article, we are telling you about 10 such natural air purifier plants that can purify the air of the house by planting them in your house.

1. Snake Plant

The snake plant is called the snake plant in Hindi. The shape and stamina of this plant are similar to that of a snake, due to which it is called a snake plant. This plant can develop itself even in low light. The reproduction of this plant occurs through the root-knot, due to which new plants emerge from its roots. A snake plant is a plant that purifies the air by giving more oxygen than other plants. This plant can be planted in a pot on the balcony of the house, anywhere in any room or bedroom. The snake plant gives a lot of oxygen at night by absorbing the surrounding carbon dioxide very rapidly.

2. Rubber Plant

It is a plant that purifies the surrounding environment by destroying the harmful compound formaldehyde released by wood furniture and can grow while surviving even in minimal sunlight. By planting this plant in any room or office inside the house, the environment there remains pure.

3. Palm Tree

This plant is beautiful to look at and is large in size, which acts as a natural air purifier. This plant is planted on the land in front of the house or office. This plant purifies the environment by naturally purifying the air around it.

4. Spider Plant

This plant is small in size, is planted in a pot, and requires very little care. The spider plant purifies the surrounding environment by purifying the air with carbon monoxide, benzene, and a toxic gas called xylene. This plant is planted inside the house so that the air inside the house remains pure and clean.

5. Basil Plant

The size of the Tulsi plant is small. This plant is rich in medicinal properties and is a sacred plant, which is planted in almost every home courtyard in India. Tulsi plant absorbs harmful gas carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide and gives pure oxygen, purifying the surrounding air and purifying the environment.

6.  Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known by the names Ghee Kunwar, Gwarpatha in the Hindi language, and Ghritkumarika, Grihakanya, and Sthuldala in the Sanskrit language. It is such a plant that along with being a natural air purifier, it also identifies the environment around it. When this plant has a more chemical environment around it, its edges become redder. This plant is planted in front of the kitchen window, bedroom, or door of the house, which cleans the environment by absorbing benzene and formaldehyde from the air around it.

7. Areca Palm

Areca Palm is a very effective natural purifier plant that purifies the surrounding air by absorbing harmful gases like xylene, benzene, carbon dioxide, and formaldehyde. When this plant is planted in front of the house or in the garden, the surrounding environment remains pure.

8. Money Plant

This is a better natural air purifier plant. The S plant is kept in a pot on the side of the house on the window of the house, due to which the surrounding air is purified and the environment remains pure.

9. Ficus Benjamina

This plant requires adequate sunlight/light. This plant is planted in front of the house, which acts as an excellent natural purifier and cleans the environment by destroying the harmful gases benzene and formaldehyde present in the surrounding air.

10. Sansevieria Plant

This is such an effective natural purifier plant that gives oxygen even at night and purifies the air by absorbing all the harmful gases present in the air around it.

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