05 Typical Signs of High-Functioning Depression

05 Typical Signs of High-Functioning Depression

1. Worry

Anxiety saps man’s strength and can manifest in man in many ways. Anxiety can cause high-functioning depression in humans, in which a person can experience mental restlessness and confusion and can fall prey to diseases like sugar, blood pressure, hypertension, etc.

2. Decline social invites

High-functioning depression in the individual closely resembles chronic low-level depression, which can last for one to two years in children and adolescents and about five years in adults and can seriously affect a person’s quality of life. could. High-functioning depression reduces or alters the enthusiasm of a person’s social activities.

3. Family history

If family members or close relatives have a mood disorder or alcohol or drug dependence, you are more likely to have a mood disorder or alcohol or drug abuse that can lead to changes and stress in your life. Your biological instincts can lead to depression.

4. Other health problems

Underlying medical conditions can induce depression. Medical conditions such as diabetes or cancer cause stress and tension that can lead to depression. Depression can reduce a person’s immunity, making a person vulnerable to illness.

5. Over-confident

A person’s behavior such as drinking more than usual, taking drugs, or eating more ice cream than necessary acts as an emotional crutch for that person. If a person is depressed or feels lonely for some reason, they may drink excessive amounts of alcohol, or take drugs, which can increase the symptoms of anxiety, sleep and depression problems resulting in human efficiency is reduced.

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