Best doses of Vitamin K

Best doses of Vitamin K

In this article, light is being thrown about the best dosage of vitamin K, which can be studied to avoid vitamin K deficiency by consuming enough vitamin K-rich foods according to your age group. Following are the best dosages of Vitamin K according to different age groups:-

Serial Number Age Group Daily Amount of Vitamin K
1. Newborn (from 0 to 06 months) 2 micrograms per day
2. Infant (07 months to 12 months) 2.5 micrograms per day
3. Children (01 years to 3 years) 30 micrograms per day
4. Children ( 04 to 08 years) 55 micrograms per day
5. Children (09 years to 13 years) 60 micrograms per day
6. Children Adolescents (14 years to 18 years) 75 micrograms per day
7. Women over 19 years 90 micrograms per day
8. Men over 19 years 120 micrograms per day


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