Cause of ligament injury

Cause of ligament injury

Ligament injuries are very painful. Most of the victims of ligament injuries are sportsmen. Earlier, when there was no adequate / better treatment of ligament injury, the player’s career was destroyed after being a victim of ligament injury, he could not play, but in today’s era, complete and better treatment of ligament injury is available and from a ligament injury. After suffering, the player recovers completely after getting better treatment. According to the “American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons report”, women are more prone to ligament injuries than men, because the tibia plate of women is weaker than the tibia plate of men. There are many reasons for having a ligament injury. In this article, light is being thrown on the causes of ligament injury, which can be avoided by being aware/alert about the causes of ligament injury after studying it thoroughly. Following are the main causes of ligament injury:-

  • Injury to the knee in an accident or assault.
  • Sudden stop or turn while running.
  • Sudden stop or turn while walking.
  • The knee collides with a hard surface during a game.
  • Suddenly slowing down while going fast.
  • Sudden fall down while playing or after jumping.
  • Due to sudden slipping of feet while playing.
  • Sudden twisting force on the knee while playing football, volleyball, basketball, cricket, hockey or any other sport, or with a sudden push.

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