CoviSelf: India’s first home Covid-19 check package

CoviSelf: India’s first home Covid-19 check package

In view of the increasing pressure on laboratories to meet the growing coronavirus cases and testing targets in the country, the Indian Council of Medical Analysis (I.C.M.R.) has recently approved Coviself, the primary test package for Covid-19. The Accredited Home-Based Accelerated Antigen Test (R.A.T.) package costs just Rs 250 and gives perfect results within a quarter-hour. According to experts, home-based test kits can be helpful in detecting fugitive infections and early detection in places where infection charges are high.

What is the Coviself Check Package?

The country’s first self-use check package is produced by Pune-based MyLab Discovery Options. The name of this self-use check package is CoviSelf which is a Speedi Antigen Check Package (R.A.T.). Rapid antigen tests are generally considered to be much less sensitive than laboratory-based R.T.-P.C.R. tests. This implies that it may present false negatives in the case of infrequent or fragile infections. The results are more accurate when there is more viral load. Drug Controller Basic of India (D.C.G.I.) has approved the market availability of the home check package Coviself.

Who should use the CoviSelf check package?

According to the ICMR – the check package CoviSelf should be used only by those with symptoms of Covid-19 or exposed to positive cases confirmed by the laboratory. If you have symptoms but test negatively with the RAT package, it is best to get an R.T.-P.C.R. check from the laboratory. Those who will test positive through the RAT package may be considered genuine positives and will not need to be tested again. In the case of a positive result, people may be considered to have suspected Covid-19 conditions and are suggested to follow the isolate protocol.

How is the CoviSelf check package used?

The Coviself check package consists of a pre-filled extraction tube, a sterile nasal swab, a check card, and a biohazard bag. To use the check package, one must first obtain a home-testing cell app called Mylab Coviself from Google Play Retailer and Apple Retailer.

For testing, you need to put 2 to 4 cm in each nostril and roll the swab 4-5 times, then dip it in the pre-filled tube and close the lid. Put two drops of liquid from the tube on the test card (check card) and watch for results for a quarter to a quarter of an hour.

How to know the result?

A check card has two sections the management and the check portion. If the bar appears completely on the control part (C) after adding liquid to it, it implies that the result is negative. If the bar appears on both the controlling part and the check (T) part, it implies that the result is positive i.e. the virus has occurred.

After checking, you have to click on an image of the check strip with the same cell phone that has been used to download the mobile app and register the person. The app will seize the test result associated with the ICMR COVID-19 testing portal, where all the information can be saved.

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