Ideal Doses of Vitamin C

Ideal Doses of Vitamin C

Different age groups require different amounts of vitamin C, which is being published in this article. By studying this article thoroughly, getting information about the ideal amount of vitamin C for yourself and other members of your family, you can avoid vitamin C deficiency and avoid vitamin C deficiency diseases. The ideal amount of Vitamin C for members of different age groups is as follows:-

Serial Number Age Group Daily Amount of Vitamin C


1. Children below 14 years of age 40 to 45 mg per day


2. Children from 14 to 18 years 75 mg per day
3. Age above 18 years (male) 90 mg per day


4. Age above 18 years (Female) 75 mg per day


5. Pregnant women 85 mg per day


6. Lactating women 120 mg per day



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