Stone in the human body

Stone in the human body

In today’s era, due to the continuous change in lifestyle and food habits, the problem of stone has become very widespread among people. In this article, the stones occurring in the human body are being highlighted.

What is the stone in the human body?

Stone is called stone in Hindi. Some particles of minerals and salt accumulate in any part of the human body and gradually become stones, this disease is called stone disease. This disease occurs in many parts of the body but it is very much in the kidney. Kidney stone disease is three times more common in men than in women.

What are the types of kidney stones?

There are a total of 04 types of kidney stones which are as follows:-

Calcium stone

This is a common stone problem that is formed from calcium oxalate, phosphate, or maleate. Consuming more calcium-rich foods (such as beetroot, spinach, peanuts, chocolate, lemon, etc.) increases the chances of getting calcium stones. Therefore, foods high in calcium should be consumed in limited quantities. This stone mostly occurs in the kidney.

Cysteine ​​stone

Cysteine ​​is a type of acid that is innate in the human body. Cystine stones mostly occur in people who have a genetic disorder called cystinuria. In this disease, there is leakage of cysteine ​​acid in human urine.

Urea acid stone

When the amount of acid in human urine becomes more, then the problem of urea acid stone occurs. This disease is more common in men than in women.

Struvite stone

This stone is more common in women and occurs in those women who are suffering from urinary tract infections. When the size of this stone increases, then there is a blockage in the urinary tract.

In which part of the body can stone disease occur?

Stone disease means that the problem of stone can occur in the human body in the kidney (kidney), urinary sac, urinary duct, gall bladder, mouth, and throat, out of which kidney (kidney), urine bag, urinary duct, and bile The stone of the bag is very painful.

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