Symptoms of Vitamin E deficiency 

Symptoms of Vitamin E deficiency 

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, due to its deficiency, some symptoms appear in the body and many diseases start in the body. If the symptoms of vitamin E are known in time, then many diseases can be avoided. In this article, the symptoms caused by Vitamin E are being highlighted, whose study/information will prove to be very beneficial for the readers. The symptoms of vitamin E deficiency are as follows:-

  • The reproductive power of the human body becomes weak.
  • Suddenly the muscles of the body become weak.
  • Hair falls more.
  • The immunity of the body decreases due to which the infection of diseases increases.
  • There is a lot of weakness in the body. Due to excessive weakness, the feet wobble while walking.
  • The ability of the body parts to function becomes impaired.
  • Digestive disorders occur in some people.
  • There may be reduced blood circulation.
  • There is a flicker insight.\Anemia can be a disease.
  • Vision becomes weak.
  • There is a lack of blood in the body.
  • The process of the central nervous system gets disrupted.
  • Mental stress ensues.
  • The skin loses its glow and the skin becomes dry.
  • In addition to the abnormal position in the movement of the eyes, it is less visible.
  • Night blindness can occur.\
  • The risk of cancer disease increases.
  • Cholesterol may worsen.
  • There may be an allergy problem.

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