Top 10 Signs of ligament injury

Top 10 Signs of ligament injury

There are many symptoms of a ligament injury. Many times it happens that due to lack of knowledge in the case of simple ligament injury, the patient is not able to know that he has got ligament injury due to which he does not give proper treatment to him, due to which the said ligament injury later. It becomes a disease called Arthritis which keeps on giving pain throughout life. In this article, the reasons for knee ligament injury are being highlighted, which are as follows:-

  1. Swelling occurs within 24 hours of injury. There is less swelling in the knee in normal knee injury and swelling in the knee in fatal injury is very high in which the size of the knee becomes almost two times.
  2. The pain suddenly intensifies within 24 hours of the injury. This pain can also be unbearable.
  3. When sitting up, there is a clicking sound in the knee.
  4. Jamming of the knees in one position.
  5. There is slackness in the knee.
  6. There is a pain in the knees while sitting down.
  7. Difficulty sitting and knee pain.
  8. There is a pain in the knee while lifting heavy objects and the knee feels loose.
  9. Difficulty in climbing stairs and knee pain.
  10. In case of rupture or tear of the ligament-
    • knee feels tight
    • The swelling becomes very high, causing the size of the knee ie the thickness to almost double,
    • There is a lot of pain, that is, there is unbearable pain, which creates a stretch in the nerves from the knee to the soles and the knee is not able to straighten from that position, it is not able to bend,
    • Can’t put the weight of the body on the knee, that is, by putting the weight of the body on the knee, you cannot stand.
    • It is felt as if the knee has been locked in that position.

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