Top-15 Cause of Stone Problem

Top 15 Cause of Stone Problem

There are many causes of kidney stones. Do you know the causes of kidney stones? You may know that but there are many people who do not know the causes of kidney stones. In this article, the reasons for having kidney stones are being highlighted, by studying which you can save yourself from the problem of kidney stones by getting proper information. Following are the main causes of kidney stones:-

  1. Drinking less water increases the risk of stone problems.
  2. Long-term intake of calcium or vitamin D supplements increases the calcium label in the body, which increases the risk of stone problems in the body.
  3. If one or both of the mother or father has a problem with stone disease, then there is a problem of stone in the child.
  4. Consuming too much salt in food increases the risk of stone problems.
  5. People living in hot climate areas are more prone to kidney stones.
  6. The stone problem can occur if you are suffering from any disease for a long time.
  7. Consuming high amounts of animal protein and salt at high levels can lead to stone disease.
  8. Consuming calcium oxalate-rich foods (eg spinach, beetroot, chocolate, strawberry, tea, nuts, etc.) for a long time leads to the problem of stone disease.
  9. The stone disease occurs when the amount of protein or calcium in the body is high.
  10. Consuming a high amount of protein-rich food (such as chicken, mutton, cheese, egg, fish, milk, etc.) leads to the problem of stone disease.
  11. People who work in hot places (such as sitting near a furnace) are at increased risk of stone problems.
  12. Kidney stone occurs when there is an infection in the kidney.
  13. If constipation persists in the body for a long time, the problem of stone can occur.
  14. If there is a disturbance in the urinary bladder, the chances of having a stone problem increase.
  15. A person who stays in bed for a long time in paralysis or any other disease can have a stone problem.

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