Vitamin B deficiency diseases

Vitamin B deficiency diseases

Deficiency of Vitamin B leads to the following diseases:-

  • Vitamin B deficiency causes beriberi. In which there are problems like weakness in arms and legs, numbness, problem in breathing, confusion, weakness or paralysis in muscles, increased heart rate, etc.
  • There is an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, heart stroke).
  • Pellagra becomes a disease in which serious problems like insomnia, skin swelling, hair loss, weakness, confusion, insanity, etc.
  • The risk of Crohn’s disease increases.
  • Atrophic gastritis is a disease in which the lining of the stomach becomes thin.
  • A disease called paresthesia occurs in which a needle prick is experienced in the hands and feet.
  • There is a disease called anemia, in which problems like fatigue, tingling, and difficulty in breathing arise in the body without any effort.
  • Celiac disease occurs.
  • Psychosis occurs in which the thoughts and feelings of a person change to a great extent.
    Peripheral neuropathy is a disease characterized by a burning or stabbing feeling in the nervous system.

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