Vitamin D deficiency can cause heart failure

Vitamin D deficiency can cause heart failure

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin whose chemical name is calciferol. The biggest source of vitamin D is sunlight. Vitamin D is also found in sufficient quantities in milk, egg, and fish oil. Vitamin D deficiency causes a disease called rickets in the human body, in which the bones of the body become weak and break or fracture even after minor injuries. Vitamin D is synthesized in the human body. Vitamin-D is synthesized by the ultraviolet rays present in sunlight through the cholesterol of the skin. Vitamin D strengthens the bones of the human body, which does not cause rickets. Due to the deficiency of vitamin D in the human body, due to diabetes, heart failure can occur. Vitamin-D deficiency is more in women than men, mainly due to less exposure to sunlight. Diabetes is more common in women than in men. Most of the diabetes disease in women occurs due to deficiency of vitamin-D. In this article, the relationship between vitamin-D, diabetes, and heart, causes of vitamin-D deficiency, symptoms of vitamin-D deficiency, and some major measures to overcome vitamin-D deficiency are being highlighted. Which can be taken advantage of by studying well and earning knowledge.

The Relationship between Vitamin D, Diabetes, and Heart

Vitamin D strengthens the bones of the human body as well as controls the hormone called insulin. Insulin hormone converts blood sugar into energy, due to which the sugar in the blood does not rise and remains under control. Diabetes does not occur in humans due to the control of sugar in the blood. Due to the absence of diabetes, the heart remains healthy. According to the recent research done by scientists, “Vitamin-D and its signaling process affect the sensitivity of insulin hormone related to the muscular tissue of heart, deficiency of vitamin-D leads to deficiency of insulin hormone, which causes heart failure. Heart failure can occur if the amount of sugar in the muscle tissue becomes too high. There is an increased risk of heart failure when the human body has less than 15 nanograms of vitamin D per milliliter. In this way, vitamin D is helpful in strengthening the bones of the human body as well as keeping the heart-healthy.

Main causes of Vitamin D deficiency

Following are the main causes of Vitamin-D deficiency:-

  • Do not sit in the sunlight.
  • Avoid consumption of foods rich in Vitamin D such as milk, curd, cheese, spinach, soybeans, eggs, fish, etc.
  • Excess body fat etc.

Main symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency

Following are the main symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency:-

  • There is a pain in the bones and joints and the muscles become weak.
  • Blood pressure rises. Wounds take longer to heal.
  • There are wrinkles on the face.
  • The immunity of the body decreases.
  • There is fatigue, nervousness, and restlessness in the body.
  • The hair on the head starts falling.
  • There is swelling in the hands and feet.
  • The body becomes lethargic, sleep occurs even during the day.
  • Tension arises.
  • The cholesterol label in the body increases.
  • The Problem of depression arises.

Special ways to overcome Vitamin D deficiency

  • Milk, curd, cheese, curd, buttermilk, butter, mushroom, spinach, soybean, orange juice, egg, fish, etc. should be consumed regularly in food rich in Vitamin D.
  • Be sure to sit in the morning sunlight for 30 to 35 minutes.
  • Avoid consumption of caffeinated substances, soft drinks available in the market (such as Pepsi, Sprite, Coca Cola, soda water, etc.), junk food, fried fatty foods, and foods made with sugar.
  • One glass of carrot juice should be consumed regularly in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
  • Vitamin-D supplementation can also be taken after consulting a doctor.

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