What is depression? 

What is depression? 

“Depression” is the English language word. A person’s mind (brain) in which the person’s mind is surrounded by tension, anxiety, sadness, and negativity (negative emotion) due to some reason is called “depressionor mental depression. Depression is such a mental illness related to the human brain, whose ability to think and understand gradually if not treated on time and progress properly, the person becomes a victim of depression, personality disorder. becomes victim, his positive thinking gets exhausted and negative thinking gets absorbed in his mind, darkness appears all around, life is filled with despair and the person (patient) is unable to return to his normal life.

According to psychology- Depression is a disease that is related to the sufferings (sufferings) associated with the feelings of the mind. Depression can be related to the failed love of a person. Depression can also occur in the desire to get something or property. When depression occurs due to unsuccessful love relationships, in most cases, the state of depression becomes very serious in which the patient becomes mad in the separation of his partner, he starts thinking of himself as lonely, helpless, and poor in the world, mind Such negative feelings come in him that he is not interested in life when people laugh, he feels that he is laughing at him, not only this, thoughts of murder and suicide also start coming in his mind. This state of depression is very terrible.

Depression is a disease that causes high blood pressure, diabetes, and other physical and mental diseases in the human body and has a very adverse effect on asthma, cancer, arthritis, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.

Depression is such a serious illness in which the complete peace of the person is destroyed, daily activities are badly affected. If this disease is not given timely and proper treatment, then it can be very fatal and if timely and proper treatment is done then gradually relief starts coming within three to four weeks i.e. improvement starts.

How does depression originate?

Depression originates from stress. A small amount of stress is found in almost every person regarding some or the other thing, which is beneficial at some places. If a person does some work under some stress, then he does that work very well, due to which he also gets mental satisfaction and respect for his loved ones and after the completion of the work, this tension ends. This tension is temporary regarding some work. When this tension remains constant, then gradually it becomes uncontrollable, the positive thinking of the person gradually ends, there is a negative effect on the mind and body, there is no mind in any work, due to which any work can be done efficiently. If unable to do it is always under stress, then stress turns into depression.

How is a depression patient identified?

Depression is such a disease in which it cannot be ascertained by looking at the patient that he is a patient of depression. A patient with depression can be identified only on the basis of symptoms.

Is Depression Incurable?

Depression is not an incurable disease. If this disease is treated on time and properly, then gradually relief starts coming within three to four weeks. Its treatment takes a long time. The patient recovers.

Who can get the disease of depression?

Depression can occur in adolescents, adults, or any person who is under constant stress for a long time due to some reason. At present, adolescents are also suffering from this disease a lot, mainly due to increasing pressure of education and employment, pressure to meet the expectations of parents, feeling of loneliness, family and relationship problems, etc. At present, the problem of depression among adolescents is increasing very fast in India. According to the World Health Organization, more than 264 million people worldwide have become victims of depression. The number of patients with depression is increasing continuously, which has become a challenge for the whole world.

What to do when you have depression?

Don’t take depression lightly. The condition of depression can be very fatal if taken carelessly. In case of depression, without delay, immediately after consulting a qualified doctor (psychiatrist), get regular treatment and follow the instructions given by the doctor completely. Try to overcome negative thinking. Do not come in contact with negative people. Bring positive thoughts. Take a balanced and nutritious diet. Get at least 8 to 9 hours of deep sleep. Do yoga and pranayama. Do a morning walk. Have faith in God.

I hope you liked this article. The causes and symptoms of depression will be published soon in the next article.

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