Speed up efforts to finish malaria: World Well being Meeting adopts a new decision

Speed up efforts to finish malaria: World Well being Meeting adopts a new decision

Recently, the 74th World Wellbeing Meeting (World Health Organization) of the World Wellbeing Group (World Health Organization), consisting of 194 member countries, has taken a new decision to accelerate efforts to eradicate malaria, which is summarized as follows: –

Malaria, a disease that is transmitted to people by the bite of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes, kills more than four lakh people annually. In response to a report by the World Health Organization, the world has reported an estimated 229 million cases of malaria and four million nine thousand deaths in the year 2019. The World Health Organization noted that since the year 2000 AD, an estimated 7.6 million deaths and 1.5 billion cases had been averted, in recent times world positive factors in tackling malaria have waned.

Efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic have derailed efforts to combat the malaria disease. The decision is headed by the US and Zambia and is co-sponsored by: –

Botswana, Chile, Canada, China, Guyana, Indonesia, Colombia, Kenya, Eswatini, Peru, Monaco, Switzerland, Mozambique, Northern Ireland, Namibia, Philippines, UK, Sudan, and EU member states.

The main goal of the World Health Organization’s decision of the World Malaria Program is to motivate member countries to make progress to prevent disease, in line with the World Health Organization’s updated World Malaria Techniques and World Health Organization Tips for Malaria.

The World Health Organization The World Malaria Program is responsible for coordinating the World Health Organization’s global efforts to manage and eradicate malaria, guided by the “World Technique for Malaria 2016–2030” adopted by the World Health Organization in May 2015. I went. World Health Technology of the World Health Organization provides a technical framework for all malaria-endemic countries working towards malaria management and eradication. The World Health Organization’s World Malaria Program’s World Goal for the year 2030 AD is as follows: –

  • Reduce the malaria mortality rate by less than 90 percent.
  • Reduce the incidence of malaria by less than 90 percent.
  • Preventing the resurgence of malaria in all countries that may be malaria-free.
  • Eradicate malaria in at least 35 countries.

According to the World Health Organization World Malaria Program Director Pedro Alonso- “This new decision is especially welcome at a time when world malaria management efforts are sweeping the floor. It actually sends a strong signal that countries around the world are dedicated to speeding up towards a standard objective: a world free of malaria. “If all the countries of the world implement the said World Malaria Program of the World Health Organization, then there will be a significant reduction in malaria disease in the world, the number of deaths will be reduced and malaria will be eradicated gradually from the world.

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