Benefits Of Tree Pose

Benefits Of Tree Pose

What,s a Tree Pose?

Yoga is a medium through which a person can maintain his physical and mental health. Vrikshasana is also such an asana, which by doing it regularly gives not one, not two, but many benefits. This asana is called Tree Pose in the English language. Tree means tree which always stands upright. Pose means posture. Thus Vrikshasana is that asana that is done only while standing. These are relatively difficult asanas that cannot be done easily. Only a physically healthy person should do this asana. An unhealthy person should not do this yoga asana. This yoga asana should be done at a secluded place with a calm mind so that the concentration does not get disturbed while doing yoga, otherwise, physical damage can occur due to imbalance.

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Persons who are suffering from high blood pressure, low blood pressure, have undergone hip surgery, suffering from migraines, knee pain, ankle pain, should not do Vrikshasana. The best time to do Vrikshasana is before sunrise on an empty stomach, but if you wake up late at night, can’t get up in the morning, or don’t get time in the morning, then you can do it in the evening too, but do it 5-6 hours after the meal so that the stomach remains empty.

Method of doing Vrikshasana

First of all, by laying a blanket, rug, mat, or any other clean cloth in an open and natural airy place, stand straight with both feet in a careful posture. Slowly raise your right leg by bending the knee and bring the soles of the right foot from the inner side to the thigh of the left leg. The left leg should be straight and balanced, it should not be oblique or crooked. After that, taking a deep and long breath, bring both your hands above the head and come in the posture of Namaskar. The Head, spine, and waist should be in a straight line, there should be no disbalance. Stay in this posture for about 30 seconds to one minute and keep breathing and exhaling slowly. After that, take a deep breath and come to the starting position.

Now do all the above actions by standing on the right foot. This is the best way to do Vrikshasana.

Benefits of Vrikshasana

Vrikshasana is one such yogasana that has many benefits. Some of the important benefits of Vrikshasana are as follows:

  • By doing Vrikshasana, there is a lot of force on the fingers from the head to the feet, due to which all these parts become strong and fit.
  • Regular practice of Vrikshasana is also helpful in increasing height. This yoga asana is especially beneficial for children whose height is not increasing. If such children do regular practice of this yoga asana, then their height increases.
  • Regular practice of Vrikshasana removes stress, which gives mental peace.
  • Arthritis pain is cured by the regular practice of Vrikshasana.
  • Regular practice of Vrikshasana makes the spine strong and shapely.
  • By doing regular practice of Vrikshasana, the pain of the heels of the feet gets cured and the ankles become flexible.
  • Regular practice of Vrikshasana increases the balance of the human body.
  • Regular practice of Vrikshasana reduces cholesterol, due to which unnecessary fat is eliminated from the human body, which reduces body weight and provides benefit in blood pressure disease.
  • Depression can be relieved by regular practice of Vrikshasana.
  • Regular practice of Vrikshasana reduces flat feet, makes the body strong and flexible.

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